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Platys Gialos - Arhontou Seaview Retreat

Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos is a postcard-perfect beach known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. The shallow shore makes it ideal for families, while the surrounding tavernas offer delicious local cuisine. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in various activities, making it a well-rounded destination.
Vathi - Arhontou Seaview Retreat


Nestled in a scenic bay, Vathi boasts turquoise waters and a tranquil atmosphere. Surrounded by lush hills, it provides a picturesque setting for relaxation. The beach is well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, and its shallow waters make it suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
Faros encompasses a series of three charming coves—Fasolou, Glipho, and Faros Beach. Each cove has its own unique charm, offering a mix of sandy stretches and pebbly shores. Faros is renowned for its traditional fish tavernas, serving freshly caught seafood right by the water.
Chrissopigi - Arhontou Seaview Retreat


Chrissopigi combines stunning natural beauty with a touch of spirituality. The beach lies beneath the iconic Panagia Chrissopigi monastery, creating a unique ambiance. The crystal-clear waters and the view of the monastery on the rocky outcrop make it a must-visit spot.
Kamares - Arhontou Seaview Retreat
The main port of Sifnos, Kamares, features a long sandy beach with a backdrop of traditional white buildings. The beach is lined with waterfront cafes and tavernas, offering a blend of relaxation and convenience. Sunset views over the sea add a magical touch.
Apokofto - Arhontou Seaview Retreat
Apokofto is a secluded gem accessible by a picturesque path from Chrissopigi. Its pebbly shore and turquoise waters create a serene atmosphere. The nearby cliffside taverna offers a panoramic view of the Aegean, making it an ideal spot for a tranquil escape.
Cherronissos - Arhontou Seaview Retreat
Cherronissos is a charming fishing village with a small beach known for its clear waters and traditional tavernas. The laid-back atmosphere and the picturesque surroundings make it a favorite among those looking for an authentic and relaxing coastal experience.