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Arhondou simplifies your travel logistics, making your transfers a breeze.
Whether arriving by ferry or exploring the island by car, our location offers
convenience without sacrificing the tranquility that defines our retreat.
Explore Sifnos at your own pace, as Arhondou is conveniently
located within easy reach of key destinations.
Apollonia's Scenic Country - Arhontou Seaview Retreat

Apollonia's Scenic Country

Nestled in Apollonia's Scenic Country, Arhontou is located just 500 meters from the village center, offering a harmonious blend of tranquility and accessibility. Positioned at the island's heart, it ensures convenient transfers, making exploration easier. Arhontou's strategic location allows you to easily navigate Sifnos, providing a perfect center for experiencing the island's beauty while enjoying the serene ambiance of Apollonia's Scenic Country.
Kamares Port - Arhontou Seaview Retreat

Kamares Port

Only 6 kilometers from the enchanting Kamares port, our tranquil retreat promises a seamless arrival. Traverse the scenic route, embracing the charm of Kamares along the way, before reaching our peaceful haven. The short distance ensures convenience, allowing you to swiftly transition from the bustling port's maritime beauty to the serenity that awaits at our retreat, creating a perfect balance for a memorable and relaxing escape.
A mere 2 kilometers away lies the charming village of Artemonas, inviting you to immerse yourself in its artistic ambiance. Delve into the enchanting streets, adorned with traditional architecture and artistic flair, as you make your way to our tranquil retreat. This close proximity ensures a delightful blend of cultural exploration and serene escape, promising an enriching experience for those seeking both artistic inspiration and peaceful retreat.
Kastro - Arhontou Seaview Retreat


Situated 3.5 kilometers away, the historic Kastro Area beckons from Arhontou. Immerse yourself in Sifnos' rich historical tapestry as you explore this captivating enclave. Wander through ancient lanes, discover medieval architecture, and witness remnants of a bygone era, all conveniently accessible from our tranquil retreat. The proximity to Kastro adds a cultural dimension to your stay, allowing you to delve into the island's fascinating history while savoring the comforts of Arhontou's serene setting.
Platys Gialos - Arhontou Seaview Retreat
Platys Gialos
10 kilometers away, the enchanting Platys Gialos beckons from Arhontou. Offering easy access to one of Sifnos' most beloved beaches, this coastal gem invites you to relax on its golden shores and bask in the crystal-clear waters. Embrace the scenic journey from our tranquil retreat to Platys Gialos, ensuring that your stay at Arhontou combines peaceful seclusion with the vibrant beauty of one of the island's cherished coastal destinations